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21st May 2020

Following the restriction made by the World Health Organization (WHO) of not being more than 50 people in social gathering to fight Coronavirus, a lot of community structures are taking a leading role in ensure that this is taken into use. Some of the community structures are churches. A pastor for Seventh Day Adventist in Thyolo district, Aaron Macheso, said that his church has put a number of preventive measures against COVID-19.

Macheso said that preaching is one of the channels he uses to impart messages on COVID-19 to his congregation. "During this era of COVID-19, I preach on COVID-19 to ensure that people understand it. Preaching is one of the powerful tool for sending messages to people in churches," said Macheso

Apart from preaching on COVID-19 in church, Macheso said that issue of washing hands with soap, and maintaining social distance of 1 meter apart is also enforced in his church. "We make sure that church members maintains a social distance of 1 meter apart and that they wash their hands with soap when entering and going out of the church. We put a bucket of water with soap on the door of the church," said Macheso.

This was said during the time Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) was conducting its sensitization meetings at Traditional Authority January in Thyolo district. CRECCOM conducted the meeting through its MasterCard Foundation and Echidna Giving funded Improving Education Qualities in Community Day Secondary Schools in Malawi (IEQ-CDSS).

Macheso appreciated CRECCOM for conducting the sensitization meeting by saying that the messages that were shared during the meeting will be used to share to his congregation. "The sensitization meeting on COVID-19 by CRECCOM has benefited me a lot for I have learned other new ideas on what I can preach at church," said Macheso

By Lonjezo Idrissa