Ms. Madalo Esther Samati

POSITION: Executive Director

QUALIFICATION: MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University, (2010) US.


PHONE: (+265) 991 875 860

Madalo has 22 years' experience in NGO work and leadership including; operations; action research, community mobilization, project design and management on social issues such as education, gender equality, child protection, youth development, positive health behaviors, and social accountability.

Her global experiences include: speaking in a panel with former USA first lady Michelle Obama who gave a key note address on community led solutions to girls' education. As a guest scholar at Brookings in 2013, she influenced global attention towards community led solutions to educate girls'. As an Education advisor on girls' education, she was consulted by United Nations Girls Education secretariat and Global Partnership in Education in pilot testing a national Gender Analysis Tool in education (2014) in Malawi.

At national level, Ms Samati is the chair for the national Girls Secondary Education Trust just launched and she was instrumental is the review of Readmission Policy. She holds; a Master of Arts (Sustainable International Development) (2010) from Brandeis University - USA, a Global Guest Scholar on girls' education and alumni at Brookings Institution - Washington DC (2013) and OSF's New Executive Fund recipient. In recent years she led her Malawian organization, which has a national coverage, towards institutional strengthening for growth including establishing a social enterprise for financial sustainability.

Mr. Francis Mhone

POSITION: Director of Finance and Administration

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Applied Accounting and Auditing (BAA-AIS)


PHONE: (+265) 991 875 861

Mr. Francis Mhone has extensive experience (14 years) in both organizational and Project Finance management including; overall organizational and Social Projects Accounting, Finance procedures and internal control design and implementation, finance monitoring and control. Over the years he managed finances for various donors through the implementation of various projects relating to various organizational thematic areas including; Education, Gender, Child Rights, HIV/AIDs (behavioral change projects. Francis has over the years accumulated enormous experience in both donor management and donor finance management through working with numerous donor organizations (both directly and through implementing consortiums) including; DFID, USAID, UNICEF, JIZ, ECLT Foundation, European Commission, Global fund through the National Aids Commission (NAC), Master Card, Dubai Cares and Echidna Giving foundation etc. Francis has over the years provided direction and leadership to accounting and administrative staff. He has personally trained, coached and mentored accounting personnel on various accounting skills including; budget development and preparation of financial statements such as Statement of Financial Positions, Statement of Comprehensive Incomes, Cash Flow statements. He also has trained non-finance personnel including project managers on basic finance principles. He also has experience in conducting sub-grant pre-award due-diligence exercises for prospective grant recipient organizations. Donor profiling to help respond to dynamic donor requirements ensuring grant compliance, ability to provide high standards of financial control and to manage and develop working financial and administrative teams. Ensures legal & regulatory compliance e.g. adherence to taxation, employment and Pension Acts. Vast experience in working with accounting software packages like Sage Pastel, Sage Line 50 and Sun Systems.

Francis holds a Bachelor of Applied Accounting, Auditing and Information Systems, Diploma in Accountancy and is currently pursuing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI). Francis is also a Professional level student of the ACCA.

Mr. Levison Lijoni

POSITION: Director of Programmes

QUALIFICATION: Master in Business Administration


PHONE: (+265) 991 875 862

Levison Lijoni is effective and efficient community mobilizer, networker, communicator, planner, trainer and team builder. He has vast experience in community mobilization techniques which are crucial when it comes to communities owning and sustain development projects. Levison is a holder of MA in Business Administration from Indira Ghandi Open University, he also holds Bachelor of Education (Humanities) from the University of Malawi. He also studied Public Policy and Development with the University of Botswana. Levison has been involved in developing and implementing strategies activities and tools for community mobilization for the past 15 years and is conversant with donor grant requirements having implemented a number of donor funded projects for the past 15 years.

He has extensive expertise in overall operations in project design, implementation including logistics and project management and implementation, in child labour, education (including girls education, literacy, civic involvement), gender (including women empowerment, school related gender based violence), HIV/AIDs, and natural resources conservation. He has vast experience in Action Research, PRA/PLA, Gender and Development (including gender analysis), Capabilities Enhancement and Rights Based Approaches; Results Based Management and Policy Advocacy; Grants Management: Capacity Building of grassroots structures like Village Action Groups, Parents Teachers Associations, School Management Committees, Community Child Labour Committees and Cultural Institution Groups

Mr Joseph Barley Chingalu

POSITION: Senior Programs Officer

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education obtained from Global University, of the United States of America.


PHONE: (+265)991 875 853; (+265)995 352 288

Joseph Barley Chingalu is an ordained Pastor and a community worker who is passionate about community development and social behavioral change issues. Initially trained as a Pastor at Assemblies of God School of Theology, Mr. Joseph Chingalu has good human resource management with impressive consultative and servant leadership styles. Mr. Joseph Chingalu has also obtained a significant level of experience in community work and engagement from pastoral ministry as well as fields such as customer service and sales, lecturing, HIV and AIDS as well as gender equality and women empowerment over a period of 10 years.

Mr. Joseph Chingalu joined CRECCOM on 1st January, 2015 and he is currently the Project Manager for Adolescent Girls and Young Women project which is an Action Aid funded project through Dignitas International. He has also worked as CRECCOM's District Project Coordinator (Program Officer) for Zomba Rural Education District in DFID funded Keeping Girls in School Cash Transfer Project (KGIS - CT) - January 2015 to October, 2016 and as the Project Manager for Health Communication for Life (HC4L) which is a USAID funded Health SBCC Project through FHI360 2016 - 2017 Falling within Programs Department, Mr. Joseph Chingalu has contributed to CRECCOM's overall achievements and progress in a number of ways including, program execution and training.

Ms. Grace Chinkhandwe

POSITION: Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and research

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Education from University of Malawi


PHONE: +266 991 875 885

Ms. Grace Chinkhandwe has over 6 years' experience in Monitoring, evaluation, learning and research, including gender analysis, gender audit and gender mainstreaming. Grace has Capabilities in Quality Assurance, Conducting formative and Summative evaluation, Case Study documentation, Project data collection, compilation, management and dissemination. She also has expertise in data analysis using statistical packages like SPSS, STATA and R.

She holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Malawi: Chancellor College (2012) and she is a beneficiary of the Young Women's Internship Scheme offered by Development Fund of Norway (2013) which groomed her into a leadership role.

She has extensive experience in operating and managing data for education programs like Unlocking Talent UNICEF program with VSO, Engaging Communities and Schools in Support of Adolescent Girls Education, Improving Education Quality in Community Day Secondary Schools with CRECCOM, Youth and Women empowerment programs with Trustees of Agricultural Promotion Program.

As the Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and research at CRECCOM, Grace has led the institution in conducting research and implementing evidence based, demand driven projects which have extensive community support. She is also leading her organization to be more credible and reliable in its operations and systems.

Mr. Nepithaly Abel Benister

POSITION: Senior Programs Officer: Action Research & Verification Department

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Education from University of Malawi


PHONE: +265 991 875 877

As head of Action Research and Verification Department, Mr. Benister's core duty is to innovate, implement, monitor and meliorate strategies for influencing the indigent to unlock their inherent capacities and eliminate social injustice and dysfunction. He is countrified by birth and holds appreciable knowhow of rural life and the same is an impetus for his dedication to community development.

He served Ministry of Education as a Primary School Teacher for 7 years before joining CRECCOM, thereby fitting himself out for multifaceted community development endeavours. He has more than 15 years experience working with marginalised rural populations - learning their complexities; supporting them to put words to their thoughts and feelings about their exclusion and social injustice; and actuating their collective action.

His managerial function revolves around linking staff capabilities and the organisation's core mandate by way of providing team leadership in a wide-range of disciplines [Education, Health, Gender, Disaster Preparedness, Social Gerontology, and Civic Participation]. His professional specialisation and experience in Primary and Secondary School teaching contributes to his success in leading an education-focussed project proposal development team. He holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree from The University of Malawi and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Education Policy, Planning and Leadership (MED PPL) at the same institution.